eCredable is a Credit Reporting Agency

eCredable is a Credit Reporting Agency that began business in 2009. We exist for one simple reason – to help almost 60 million adults who would like to access affordable financial services, but are hindered by their lack of a positive credit history. We know that many of these people are serious about their financial commitments. They pay their bills on time, and “follow the rules”. But the “credit economy” is designed to provide access to people who already have a credit history, which keeps these people on the outside looking in.

We think that by providing consumers with self-help tools and financial education, they can learn how the financial system works, show that they are financially reliable, and prove they can be a great customer in any credit situation.

Improving Access to Affordable Financial Services

As a Credit Reporting Agency, we must follow all the rules contained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) - the same rules that apply to the national credit bureaus. This means that a Credit Report provided by eCredable is a report that has been properly verified, and one that any creditor can trust.

Since every creditor must follow the rules outlined in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), they must consider our credit report when a consumer presents it to them. But we intend to go far beyond what the law provides, by working with companies of every size to have our report integrated into their businesses so that a consumer can present their credit report and know that it can be used to make a credit related decision as quickly as possible.

Let the Consumer Drive the Process

We are very different in our approach to verifying payment information. Traditional credit bureaus rely on companies to submit payment information to them, based on debt you have taken on and have agreed to repay. We don’t require that you take on any debt to prove you are creditworthy. Simply by paying your routine bills on time, you are creating a history that can be verified and used on your behalf.

At eCredable, the consumer drives the process. The consumer determines when their information is shared with a potential creditor, and what information is shared. We do not resell your personal information for marketing purposes. In this age of consumer empowerment, we still believe in that famous saying “Trust, but Verify”. That’s what we do every single day.

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