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Small Business Offers


Important Information:
*eCredable has strict requirements for collecting and reporting payment information on your behalf. Some Utility Companies and Service Providers are excluded since they do not meet our security, data quality, or reporting requirements. eCredable does not link to all U.S. Utility Companies or Service Providers at this time.
†Due to factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that all of your payments will be accepted by Equifax, Creditsafe or Ansonia, even though these same accounts may meet eCredable’s data quality and reporting requirements.
‡Results will vary between credit bureaus and their associated credit scores. Some businesses may not see improved credit scores or approval chances. Not all lenders use Equifax, Creditsafe or Ansonia business credit reports and business credit scores impacted by eCredable. In order to maintain the quality of the credit reporting system, eCredable reports both positive and negative payment status information. If a payment were made 30 days or more past the due date, that payment would be reported as late.


eCredable Reports to**:

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Equifax Logo
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*Dun & Bradstreet only accepts the eCredable Business Subscription payment at this time.

**Equifax and Ansonia only accept accounts verified to be in the business name. Personal accounts will not be reported to Equifax or Ansonia.

Small Business Credit Score

Your business credit may be just as important as your personal credit.

Most small businesses do not have a business credit report with enough information to create a business credit score. So lenders are left with no choice – they use your personal credit score when you apply for business credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. With eCredable, you can change this. What’s in it for you?

  • Increasing your chances of getting approved
  • Getting better financial terms from the lender or creditor
  • Limit personal liability by having credit in the name of the business
  • Better rates on business insurance
  • Your customers and prospects will view your business as more viable

eCredable can help you take control of building your business credit scores so you can access to credit and financing when you need it – today or in the future as your business grows.

Small Business Tradelines

You have a new option to build your business credit.

Link your business phone, internet and utility accounts to your eCredable Small Business Credit Profile and we’ll do the rest!

  • Securely download up to 24 months of payment history directly from your service provider’s website.

  • Automatically report your payment history to business credit bureaus that maintain your business credit reports and scores.
Linking Account Type

Cupkates Bakery


Kate ditched her job to pursue her love of baking. Alex jumped in and they started the Cupkates Bakery with their savings and personal credit cards. Now it’s time to grow and buy a cupcake food truck. Time to stop using personal credit and build a business credit history to help qualify for the necessary funding.


Get started building your business credit history right now to prepare for the future!

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