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The eCredable Business Credit Builder: Quickly Raise Your Business Credit Scores

 Reporting the eCredable Business Lift subscription payment can help increase business credit scores by up to 40% in the first 3 months¹ at all major business bureaus.

 Report most business accounts you’re already paying to build better business credit by an average of a 32 point increase at participating business credit bureaus².

 Your accounting package is critical for understanding where your business has been. Linking your accounting package to Business Lift+ can help you plan the future of your business.

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¹Based on aggregate data tracking Equifax OneScore for Commercial after three months of having eCredable tradeline reporting. Results will vary. Scores are calculated from many variables; some users may not see improved scores.

²Based on aggregate data tracking positive business credit score changes in the first three months of having eCredable tradeline reporting. This increase is an average score increase. Individual business credit scores use different scoring models. Results will vary. Scores are calculated from many variables; some users may not see improved scores.

eCredable Reports to**:

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Important Information:
* Dun & Bradstreet and Experian† only reports the eCredable Business Subscription payment at this time.
‡Equifax accepts only accounts verified to be in the business name. Personal accounts will not be reported to Equifax.
Due to factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that all of your payment information will be accepted by Equifax or Creditsafe, even though these same accounts may meet eCredable’s data quality and reporting requirements.
Results may vary between credit bureaus and their associated credit scores. Some businesses may not see improved credit scores or approval chances. Not all lenders use D&B, Experian, Equifax or Creditsafe business credit reports and business credit scores impacted by eCredable. Learn more

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What is eCredable Business Credit Builder?

eCredable Business Lift offers a simple, straightforward way for businesses to build credit by reporting business utility and telecom payments.

Maybe you’re a new business owner just starting out and don’t have any credit history. Or maybe you’ve already been in business for a while, but your credit report is less than ideal. With eCredable, you can build business credit by reporting your eCredable Business Lift subscription payment and simply paying the bills you would normally.

As long as you make your payments on time, you can leverage eCredable to build your business credit profile, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Making you more attractive to lenders, suppliers, and investors
  • Making it easier to qualify for a business credit card and small business loans
  • Helping you to obtain better business loan terms and interest rates, often with no personal guarantee from a lender

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How eCredable Business Lift Helps Build Business Credit

  • Your eCredable Business Lift subscription is automatically reported to all major business credit bureaus--Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Equifax and Creditsafe.
  • eCredable empowers businesses to report most non-financial accounts to multiple major credit bureaus at the same time.
  • By establishing a positive payment history with these business credit reporting agencies, this can help raise your business credit score.
  • As you may already know, business credit bureaus like Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Business, Experian Business, and Creditsafe assign businesses a credit score that’s based largely on payment history.
  • eCredable automatically reports your payment history from service providers so you can build business credit using non-financial tradelines in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.
  • This can put you on your way to quickly establishing good business credit with participating business credit bureaus.

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How eCredable Business Lift Works

eCredable Tradeline Reporting

Get credit for your eCredable monthly payment. We’ll report your eCredable Business Lift subscription to all major business credit bureaus – better yet, the longer you continue an active tradeline with eCredable, the more you will continue to impact your business credit scores.

Link your accounts

Link unlimited eligible business accounts with service providers and eCredable attempts to download up to 24 months of payment history. The exact number of months varies by service provider.

Report your accounts

From there, eCredable will report your monthly payments for linked accounts to participating business credit bureaus.

Lift your Business Credit Scores

At that point, you should be able to build business credit and raise your business credit scores as long as you continue to make payments on time.

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Types of Bills Reported by eCredable

eCredable can automatically report the following types of bills from eligible accounts.

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We support over 4000 companies

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On-Demand Account Verifications

Please note that certain accounts can’t be linked and require an On-Demand Account Verification. You initiate this online, which is then completed over the phone, and can also report up to 24 months of payment history. You can request an On-Demand Account Verification at any time for $24.95 per account. This typically includes accounts such as:

Types of Bills Manually Reported Image Bills Reported Image Learn More