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Tier 1 Business Credit Vendors in 2024

Building your business credit from the ground up can be a challenge. That’s why we compiled this list of tier 1 business credit vendors. They accept businesses that don’t have much (or sometimes any) business credit.  

1. eCredable 


Unlike many other trade credit providers, you don’t have to clear any requirements to qualify for eCredable’s services. No matter your business’s age, legal structure, or credit history, you can build business credit with eCredable Business Lift. 

Our program lets you report unlimited bills to the major commercial credit bureaus and get credit for up to nine different account types. These include power, water, gas, waste, mobile phone, landline phone, cable TV, satellite TV, and internet. 

You can report your continuing monthly payments for these expenses and up to 24 months of payment history for each. As a result, you can use it to significantly boost your business credit scores in as little as a week. 

eCredable reports your bill payments to Ansonia, Creditsafe, and Equifax Business (as long as the account is titled in the name of the business). The eCredable subscription itself is reported to Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, Equifax Business and Creditsafe.  

Give it a try today! 

2. FairFigure 

FairFigure is a business credit monitoring tool that reports your monthly subscription to the business credit bureaus. Since you’re already building business credit, why not track your business credit scores and reports?  

FairFigure offers credit report and score access to Equifax Commercial and Creditsafe. They also give you access to their in-house business credit report, the Foundation Report, and their in-house business credit score, the Fundex Score.  

They also have a business credit builder card. The FairFigure Capital Card issues working capital based on business revenue - no personal credit check required. It reports card payments as a financial tradeline to the business credit bureaus. All businesses with at least 3 months in business and $2,500 per month in revenue can qualify for the card. 

So the subscription gives you a vendor tradeline and the card gives you a financial tradeline - two for the price of one! 

FairFigure costs $30 per month. It reports payments to Equifax Commercial, Creditsafe, and the SBFE.  

Vendor Link: FairFigure 

3. Quill 

Quill lets you purchase office products, such as cleaning supplies, paper, and electronics. It also offers net 30 terms, which means you can qualify for up to 30 days of interest-free financing per order, similar to a small business credit card. 

To request net 30 terms, you must submit an order for at least $100 before taxes, then select the ‘Invoice My Account’ option at checkout. Quill will ask you to complete a digital form with relevant business details and submit your order. 

Quill will then run a credit check on your business and approve or deny your application, typically within 24 hours. If you qualify for net 30 terms, Quill reports your activities to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business

Vendor Link: Quill Net 30 Application 

4. Grainger 


Grainger can supply you with industrial maintenance, repair, and operations products. For example, you can purchase lighting, equipment, packaging, and batteries through its site. 

Once you open your vendor account, you can apply for a credit line by requesting credit as a payment option during order checkout or by calling Grainger at 1-800-472-4643.  

Either way, Grainger will run a business credit check to see if you meet its requirements. If you’re approved, you’ll gain access to a net 30 line of credit. Its limit is usually somewhere between $500 and $1,000. 

Currently, Grainger reports your credit activities to Dun & Bradstreet. You can use eCredable Business Lift to report your Grainger account to Equifax Business

Vendor Link: Grainger Account Registration 

5. Uline 


Uline’s products are a mix of shipping, industrial, and packaging materials. For example, that includes moving boxes, cleaning supplies, weight scales, tubes, and personal protective equipment. 

To build credit with Uline’s net 30 account, purchase something from its catalog and select ‘Invoice Me’ during checkout. Once you complete the purchase, Uline will determine whether you qualify for credit. 

If you meet Uline’s requirements, it’ll approve you for net 30 billing. Uline reports your tradeline activities to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business

You can use eCredable Business Lift to report your Uline account to Equifax Business. 

Vendor Link: Uline Account Registration 

6. Shirtsy