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9 Tier 2 Business Credit Vendors in 2024

Tier 2 trade credit is the second rung on the business credit ladder. It’s best to start applyingbu for it once you’ve acquired three to five tradelines with tier 1 vendors and established an initial foundation for your commercial credit profile.

To help you continue your business credit-building journey, here are some of the best tier 2 business credit vendors to consider.

1.  eCredable

eCredable lets you turn an unlimited number of your company’s bills into business tradelines. Our Business Lift program can connect to over 2,000 utility companies and service providers and report your payments to the commercial credit bureaus.

In addition to adding your ongoing activities to your business credit reports, we also include up to 24 months of payment history. The following account types are eligible: power, water, gas, mobile phone, landline phone, cable TV, satellite TV, and internet.

Despite the value, you don’t have to meet any of the usual conditions to get started. eCredable offers one of the few tier 2 business credit tradelines without time-in-business, legal structure, or business credit history requirements.

Once you sign up, eCredable reports your bill payments to Ansonia, Creditsafe, and Equifax Business. In addition, we’ll report your eCredable subscription to all of these, plus Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business.

Give it a try today!

2. Home Depot