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Tier 3 Business Credit Vendors in 2023

Business credit building requires opening a mix of vendor and financial tradelines, then establishing a positive payment history across them. Vendor tradelines are generally easier to acquire, so small business owners often start with them.

Tier 3 business credit vendors offer accounts that are harder to access than lower-tier trade credit but provide better terms. Here are the best options to consider.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply for these until you already have at least six accounts appearing on your business credit reports. Check out our article on tier 1 business credit vendors and tier 2 business credit vendors if your business credit isn’t ready for this. 

1. eCredable

With eCredable Business Lift, you can turn your company's recurring costs into vendor tradelines. Our program connects with more than 2,000 service providers and lets you add unlimited accounts to your business credit report for the following expenses:

  • ♦ Cable and satellite TV

  • ♦ Mobile and landline phones

  • ♦ Utilities like power, water, gas, and internet

Not only can it report the payments you incur after signing up, but it can also share up to two years of payment history. As a result, it can boost your business credit score in as little as a week, which is much more quickly than net 30 vendor tradelines. 

In addition, you don't have to meet the rigorous requirements most tier 3 business credit vendors expect. Whatever your time in business, legal structure, or business credit history, you can sign up for eCredable and build business credit.

Upon your account opening, we'll report your past and present bill payments to Ansonia, Creditsafe, and Equifax Business. To top it off, we’ll also share your eCredable subscription with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and the other three previously mentioned credit bureaus.

Sign up and start building business credit today!

2. Gemplers