About Linked Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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What is a Linked Account?

Linking your business phone, internet and utility accounts allows us to securely download the account information and payment history. eCredable can report the information to business credit bureaus who will create a business credit report and score for your company. Linking your eligible accounts:

  1. Will automatically download as much payment history as is available in your online account on the service provider’ website – up to 24 months.
  2. Payment history downloaded through linking your accounts is considered “verified”.
  3. Automatically updates your monthly payments at eCredable so we can report them to business credit bureaus.
  4. Can save you time and money verses having to manually verifying all your business accounts

What type of business accounts are eligible to be linked?

Eligible business accounts include Power, Gas, Water, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet, and Landline accounts. Currently, any other type such as office rent, business insurance, business services, office furniture and equipment leases and legal services cannot be linked at this time.

Who is authorized to link accounts?

Your name must be on the account, you must be contractually responsible for payment, and all accounts must be used in the operation of your business. For example, if you write off a portion of your home/apartment on your taxes as a business expense, you can link all utilities associated with your dwelling as a business account.

Do I need an online account on the service provider’s website to link an account?

Yes. You must have an online account setup and opt-in to share your user name, password and account number with eCredable to link your online account and your eCredable Small Business Profile. If your service provider does not provide online access, or you do not have an online account set up with your service provider, eCredable cannot link your account.

NOTE: Some service providers may not meet reporting requirements and cannot be linked or may be ineligible for linking due to circumstances beyond eCredable’s control. eCredable reserves the right to determine which service provider accounts are eligible for inclusion in your credit file that we compile and maintain as certain accounts may not meet data quality, security, or other reporting requirements.

How many months of payment history can eCredable automatically download electronically?

eCredable will attempt to download all the payment history the service provider makes available in your online account – up 24 months.

NOTE: eCredable does not guarantee the amount of payment history that can be automatically downloaded from your service provider. Number of months of payment history varies by service provider. For technical reasons beyond eCredable’s control, the number of months of payment history available for download may not represent all months of payment history viewable by you in your online account on the service provider’s website.

What if I have multiple services with one service provider (Bundled Account)?

Bundled accounts are treated differently by different providers. If your account with your service provider contains multiple services (e.g. cable/satellite, internet or landline combined on one bill), and each service has a separate account number, we will treat each account number as a separate account and report the accounts individually. If your service provider treats all the services as one account, with only one account number used for payment, we will treat the bundled account as a single account.

How many business accounts can be linked?

You can link an unlimited amount of eligible business accounts – Power, Gas, Water, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet, and Landline - at any one time.

Why does eCredable need my login information?

eCredable will need your account login information so that we can access your online account to download your account information and payment history. Access to your account will be strictly limited to this download activity. eCredable will not access your account for any other purpose or perform any other activity in your account other than this expressly authorized purpose.

Can the number of months of payment history available vary by service provider?

Each service provider has their own method of displaying their customer’s payments in their online accounts. Some providers may provide years of payment history, while others may provide as little as the most recent 6-12 months. eCredable has no control over the amount of information the service provider has chosen to provide, but will attempt to download all of your payment history that is available online. What is available for download may differ from what is viewable by you on the site.

When do I need to order a verification if my account is linked?

This is entirely up to you. If eCredable is unable to download 24 months of payment history for any of your business accounts, you may request that eCredable manually verify the additional payment history for you with your service provider. Reporting any additional on-time payment history may have a positive impact on your business credit score(s). For more information on verifications see: About Verification FAQ’s here.

Is linking my account to my eCredable Profile safe and secure?

All of your personal information is protected in a secure database using multi-layer security and data encryption. When you link your account to your eCredable Small Business profile, you are providing us with read-only access. Read-only Access means eCredable has no ability to change any information on your service provider’s website. Your Username, Password, and Account Number are encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security during storage and is always transmitted using 256-bit SSL encryption.

What if my account is already being reported by my service provider?

There may be instances where your service provider is already reporting your payment history to one or more of the business credit bureaus. In this case, the information provided by eCredable will not be used by the business credit bureau that is already receiving this information.