Most small businesses do not have a business credit report with enough information to create a business credit score. So lenders are left with no choice – they use your personal credit score when you apply for business credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. With eCredable, you can change this. What’s in it for you?

  • Improve your business credit scores

  • Increase your chances of getting approved

  • Getting better financial terms from the lender or creditor

  • Limit personal liability by having credit in the name of the business

  • Better rates on business insurance

  • Your customers and prospects will view your business as more viable

eCredable can help you take control of building your business credit scores so you can access credit and financing when you need it – today or in the future as your business grows.

How eCredable Business Works

There are two ways eCredable collects your account information and payments and reports to the business credit bureaus. We simultaneously report to Experian, Creditsafe and Ansonia to help you improve your business credit scores.

Method 1 - Reporting Payments Automatically

The first method is to link your accounts to your eCredable Business Profile. The eligible business account types that can be linked include Power, Gas, Water, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet, and Landline accounts. After you link your business accounts to your eCredable Business Credit Profile, we can securely download your account details and up to 24 months of payment history directly from your provider’s website. We automatically report your account information and payments to Experian, Creditsafe or Ansonia.

eCredable connects to over 2000 utility companies and service providers across the U.S. You can see if your utility company or service provider is supported by eCredable searching for them here.

Method 2 - Reporting Payments On-Demand

The second method is for any account you’re unable to link like office rent, business insurance, business services, office furniture, equipment leases, legal services, etc. You can add them to your eCredable Business Profile manually and request to have them verified by eCredable on-demand.

The Manual Business Account Verification Process allows eCredable to manually verify your business account and payment history so we can report it to Creditsafe and Ansonia. (Experian does not currently accept manually verified accounts). Manually verified business accounts are only reported once per verification so you may want to consider having this done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending upon how it improves your Creditsafe and Ansonia business credit scores. Check your Creditsafe and Ansonia credit reports after this information has been reported to assess the impact it will have on your business scores. Each business credit bureau has their own credit reports and policies regarding how information ages, but typically accounts drop off your business credit reports after 36 months if no update takes place.

Is eCredable secure?

Our customers trust us with some of their most important personal information. eCredable encrypts your log-in credentials that we use to link to your account initially and to access your account every month going forward (to see your current payment history). You are providing us with read-only access. eCredable cannot change any information on your Utility Company’s website. Through eCredable, you cannot pay bills, or transfer money in or out of your accounts. For additional security, eCredable also looks at the name and address on your service provider account and compares it to the name and address on your eCredable membership profile to ensure it matches.

As a highly regulated business, we work closely with regulators and comply with data protection laws. Data security has always been, and will always be our highest priority.

eCredable is the fastest way to improve business credit scores.

Building your business credit can take months, even years. eCredable reports to Experian, Creditsafe and Ansonia weekly. Depending on when you link your account(s), they can be reported in 1 – 5 business days. When the bureaus receive the information from eCredable, your information is typically added to your business credit reports within 24 hrs. As soon as your information is added to your business credit reports, it will have an immediate impact on your Experian, Creditsafe or Ansonia business credit scores.

Real impact - real buying power.

Get customized financing recommendations for your business for lenders you can connect with through the eCredable Marketplace. Business owners spend 30+ hours searching for financing, according to the Federal Reserve. The eCredable Marketplace has over 100 of the top business credit cards and loans all in one place, and instantly shows your financing options based on your credit and business profile. This will save you considerable time in finding the right offer for you. eCredable only works with proven and trusted lenders. Unlike many business financing sites, eCredable never charges customers to connect them to the right financing.